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Capture your memories forever!
Tape doesn't last and pictures fade and disintegrate. 
  Trust your media to this stay-at-home-mommy that loves to preserve those precious moments.
I will transfer film, VHS, and tape to DVD or other digital media. Services also include 35 mm slides, negatives, pictures to digital, slide shows and video montages.
Serving the San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, New Braunfels and Central Texas Areas but will also help those in the continental USA.

Please call for current turn around times.

Video Conversion

Mini DV
8mm Video, HI 8 & Digital 8
$5 per hour of footage from your media

Super 8 Film
8 mm Film

$5 per 3" reel
$10 per 5" reel
$15 per 6" reel
$20  per 7" reel
Prices above for film include music overlay
Sample of 8mm film to digital
$2 for DVD menu

$20 per production hour to edit video to improve quality
Sample of quality edit

Picture, Negatives & Slide

Scans .20 per picture

Picture Slideshow w/Music .20 per picture
(plus cost of scanning unless you have them digitized already)
$2 per song added (No cost to add music if you provide it)
Transfer pictures or files from floppy 3.5 to CD or DVD $3 a disk

Basic photo editing, retouch or repair $20 per production hour
Sample of picture repairs

Floppy Disks

Transfer pictures or files from floppy 3.5 to CD or DVD $4 a disk

Audio Cassette Tape Conversion

$5 per 30 minutes of captured audio
To separate audio into tracks $1 per track
Price includes minor cleaning up of hums and buzzes

Video Editing

Basic Editing $20 per production hour

Gift Certificates available!!!!

$20 minimum project total

$4 for an extra copy of each DVD

Please inquire with questions or quote  or call 210-414-4300

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for customer reviews

Hours are by appointment
We will set up a time and place to meet to pick up media and discuss your project. I work out my home in the Schertz Area. But there are times I travel into San Antonio and New Braunfels.

I accept checks and cash. Payment is due upon completion of the project. Any projects uncollected after 2 months of completion will be discarded.

Kimberly Standley and Hannah's House Media is not responsible for damages that occur in shipping.

At times if media is old, it may not transfer and incur damages in process that Hannah's House Media and Kim Standley is not responsible for.